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Performance Examination Center

Welcome to Performance Examination Center

about us

The Performance Examination Center was established to ensure skill quality before students enter the work force as well as to help better meet the demands of the current health care market in Taiwan. The center was established to continue promoting diversified health care performance evaluation, while ensuring a greater degree of reliability and efficient performance review models and strategies.

The types of performance evaluation exams can be divided into five methods:

1.real clinical situation model
2.quasi-clinical situation model
3.Clinical Laboratory Simulation Model
4.Simulation Situational Model
5.Profile Model

In order to pass the performance examination successfully, the taker must display adequate understanding of knowledge, skill and attitude. In addition, they have to apply these performances and clinical decision making abilities in practical. Test takers must show they adequately meet the demands of the health care profession and display the ability to work independently. The center feels the test is the best strategy to help ensure quality graduates for work in Taiwan’s health care workforce.


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